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Usage: znotify [n]

  Lists all users currently logged on who: (a) are on your notify list, and
(b) have you on their notify lists. See the notify command and notifiedby 
variable for information about what being on these lists means.  Two separate 
lists are displayed.  If a given user has been idle for 1 minute or longer, 
that information will be displayed as well.  If you include the "n" argument 
(type "znotify n") the idle information will not be given.

  Here is a sample "znotify" display:

    Present company on your notify list:
       adjudicate  helpfiles(idle: 2m)
    No one logged in has you on their notify list.

See Also:  alias  notify  variables

[Last modified: September 14, 1996 -- Friar]

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