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Usage: xtell user|# message

  The "xtell" command sends a message to a user or a channel, just like "tell"
does.  However, "xtell" will not alter the setting for who-you-told-last.  A
"tell" sends a message *and* resets the who-you-told-last variable to a new
user (or channel).  The "xtell" command will leave these settings intact,
meaning that you can still use the "." alias to "tell" to a person you are
having a conversation with, and the ',' alias to "tell" to the channel you
were talking in.  The "xtell" command allows for a brief comment to a user or
another channel while you are having a longer chat with someone else or on a

See Also:  alias  intro_talking  tell

[Last modified: August 9, 1997 -- Friar]

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