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Usage: withdraw [##, t <all, abort, adjourn, match, pause, player, simul, switch,

Withdraws an offer that you have made to another user.


If no parameter is given and there is only one offer, the withdraw command
will rescind your offer. Otherwise, specify the offer you want to withdraw.

##:       You can withdraw an offer by number. To see a list of offer
          numbers, use "pending".
t <type>: If you use the 't' flag, you can withdraw an offer by its type. You
          can specify 'all' to withdraw all offers.


 o "wt" is an alias to withdraw all offers

 o You cannot withdraw a draw offer. This is in compliance with standard
   chess rules.

 o Several types of requests are withdrawn automatically in certain
   situations. For example, if you have made a match request to user2 but
   then accept a match request from user1, FICS starts your match with user1
   and withdraws your offer to user2; user2 is notified that you have started
   another match.


abort accept adjourn draw match pause pending simul switch takeback


Created: 20 June 1995 Friar
Last Modified: 15 November 2005 mhill

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