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Usage: who [o][r][f][a][R][U][s][b][w][z][L][S][B][A][l][t][v][n][#i#j]

Useful examples:

  who    -- lists all users logged on
  who a  -- lists the users logged on who are available for matches
  who U  -- lists the unregistered users logged on
  who 15 -- lists the top one-fifth (20%) of users logged on

  The who command displays a list of users who are connected to the server
according to the parameters you give.  Typing "who" alone, without any
arguments, will list all users according to their blitz ratings.
USERS TO DISPLAY                          [default: all users logged on]
     o: Only open players.
     r: Only players for rated matches.
     f: Only free players (not playing a game).
     a: Only available players (open & free).
     R: Only registered players.
     U: Only unregistered players.
  #i#j: Only a portion of the who list; #j divides the list into j segments;
        #i will display the i-th segment; #i cannot be higher than #j; (there
        are three shortcuts: "who 1" works the same as "who 13", "who 2" works
        the same as "who 23" and "who 3" works the same as "who 33").  [See
        the special note below.]

     s: Standard rating.
     b: Blitz rating.                                [this is the default]
     w: Wild rating
     z: craZyhouse rating
     L: Lightning rating.
     S: Suicide Chess rating.
     B: Bughouse rating.
     A: Lists players alphabetically.
     l: Same as above but without rating/game info.  [lower case "L"]

     t: Terse.                                       [this is the default]
     v: Verbose.
     n: Win-loss record.

  "who aRsA" would display users who are open for matches (a), who are
registered (R), displaying their ratings from standard games (s) and display
the list alphabetically (A).
  "who w29" would display users by wild ratings (w) but only the 2nd of 9
segments (29), not the entire list.

NOTE: both the capital letters and the order of the options are important, but
you *may* use spaces between the various letters.


  The following table gives an example of what the "who" request will display. 
(Only a portion of a much larger listing is given here.)

2255 ^OldManII(C)   1879  Chopin        1625 :Flash         1251E:Juan         
2163  Heringer      1838 ^asu           1612p Lesiege       ----  Jerard       
2099 ^AmacaballoFat 1799 ^Kael          1587 :Boutros       ---- :Tomato(TD)   
2094 ^Torr          1783 :GARP          1572 ^chessnut      ++++ :arc          
2074 :loon(*)       1774 :grimm         1556 #jethro        ++++ ^ASESINO      
2072  death(FM)     1760 :Tsang         1555 .billard       ++++ .beto         

  The format is <rating> <status> <handle>.

Rating:  Only one set of ratings are displayed -- the default is blitz unless
  another type of rating is requested.    The entry ---- means this user is
  registered but does not have a rating for this type of chess.  The entry
  ++++ means that the user is unregistered and thus has no rating.  If you
  have the 'provshow' variable set to 1, ratings will also indicate the status
  of the rating (see "help v_provshow").

Status codes:
  ^   involved in a game
  ~   running a simul match
  :   not open for a match
  #   examining a game
  .   inactive for 5 minutes or longer, or if "busy" is set
      not busy
  &   involved in a tournament

Handle codes (these special codes appear after some handles):
       *         admin
       B         blindfold account
       C         computer account
       T         team account
       U         unregistered user
       CA        chess advisor
       SR        service representative
       TD        Tournament Director program or a bot of some sort
       TM        mamer manager
  FM/IM/GM/WIM/WGM   titles for international chess masters -- FM = FIDE
                     Master, IM = International Master, GM = Grand Master,
                     WIM = Women's International Master, WGM = Women's
                     Grand Master


  The following table shows sample entries from a "who v" request -- where the
"v" means "verbose" style of the "who" command.  A complete display, of
course, would be rather long ... one line for each user logged on who fits the
parameters of the who request.  Note: Neither Bughouse nor Suicide Chess
ratings are displayed in the verbose format.

|        User              Standard    Blitz       Lightning   On for   Idle |
| 22     OldManII           2172       2256        ----         4:09         |
| 40 u   Torr               ----       2084        1935          14          |
|   X  o loon               2015       2074        ----          11          |
| 35     Chopin             ----       1879        1675           4          |
|   Xu   Juan               1336       1251        1421          20     19   |
|  4 U   ASESINO            ++++       ++++        ----          18          |
|                                                                            |
|     95 Players Displayed                                                   |

Going from left to right in the display:
                 ## -- the number of the game the user is playing
                  X -- not open for games
                  u -- open for unrated games only
                  U -- unregistered player
                  o -- observing a game
             <name> -- the player's "handle"
    Standard rating -- the player's rating from standard games
       Blitz rating -- the player's rating from blitz games
   Lightning rating -- the player's rating from lightning games
             On for -- (in hours/minutes) how long the player has been on
               Idle -- (in hours/minutes) how the player has been idle
  Players Displayed -- the number of current users fitting the who request


  The format for the win-loss record display is simple.  Here is an example:

Name               Stand     win loss draw   Blitz    win loss draw    idle
----------------   -----     -------------   -----    -------------    ----
<user>             ----        0    0    0   2018      92   56   26      10 

  The order is again by blitz, unless specified otherwise.  This information
is also available on an individual basis by using the "finger" command.  Note:
only Standard and blitz ratings are displayed in win-loss format.


(a) You can be notified automatically in several ways about users being on the
server rather than typing "who" many times in a row.  See the help files for
"avail_vars" and "variables".

(b) If you have trouble with your screen scrolling when it displays a long who
list, you can use "who #i#j" to reduce the problem.  Instead if displaying the
entire who list in one, long piece, display segments of it in sequence.  Here
is an example: type these commands one at a time, reading each screen as you
go along: "who 19" "who 29" "who 39" "who 49" "who 59" "who 69" "who 79" "who
89" "who 99".  What these commands will do is segment the who list into 9
equal and smaller segments, and display only one segment at a time.

(c) You can obtain additional info on how established player ratings are by
setting your provshow variable to 1. In this case, players whose displayed
rating has been established in the past (RD>80.) but whose RD is now >80.0
will show with an E (for Estimated) next to the rating, while players whose
rating has never been accompanied by an RD<80.0 will be marked with a P (for
Provisional) again next to the displaued rating.
Thus, a possible display such as

2134E:McKeork            1603 .wino               1294 ^PoorPoor
1950P:EscapeArtist(TD)   1541 .blindfolded(C)     1186P^Zeebo
1849P:pgv                1448  Lorro               967 ^Hikaru

would indicate that Mckeork has let his RD grow above 80.0, giving his rating
the status of estimated, while EscapeArtist, Zeebo and pgv haven't managed yet
to establish their rating since their RD has not gone below 80.0 yet.

See Also:  avail_vars  blindfold  blitz  bughouse  bugwho  busy  chess_advisor
           computers  examine  finger  intro_information  lightning  mamer
           observe  ratings  sr_info  suicide_chess  team  variables  v_open
           v_provshow  wild

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