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Usage: variables [user]

  This command will display the variables of the given user.  If no user is
given then your variable settings will be displayed.

  Here is a sample display from the variables command:


  Variable settings of jross:
    time=3       private=0     shout=0         pin=0           style=12 
    inc=15       jprivate=0    cshout=0        notifiedby=0    flip=0
    rated=0                    kibitz=1        availinfo=0     highlight=0
    open=0       automail=0    kiblevel=0      availmin=0      bell=0
    ropen=1      pgn=1         tell=1          availmax=0      width=79 
    bugopen=0                  ctell=1         gin=0           height=24 
    simopen=0    mailmess=0    chanoff=0       seek=0          ptime=0
    tourney=0    messreply=0   silence=0                       tzone=SERVER
    provshow=0                 echo=1                          Lang=English
    autoflag=0   unobserve=3

    Prompt: fics%
    Interface: "xboard 4.0.2"

     f1: !rated
     f2: !abuser
     f3: f2 & (lightning | f1)
     f4: f2 & (blitz | f1)
     f5: f2 & (standard | f1)
     f6: f2 & (wild | f1)

    Formula: f3

  Each variable has a separate help file to explain how it is used.  Type
"help v_<variable>" to read a specific file.  For example, to read about the
Time variable you would type "help v_time".  The complete list of variable
help files is given in "help manual_vars".

  Variable settings are changed by using the "set" command.  For example, "set
time 5".  When a variable has been modified, you will be informed of the new
setting as a way of verifying it.


(a) Only you and admins can see the setting for your tzone variable.  We want
to keep your location confidential.

See Also:  admin  confidentiality  manual_vars  set  [and the many 'v_' files,
of course]

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