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  The tzone variable will set all the clocks on the server to reflect your
selected timezone.  The default setting is SERVER.  Setting tzone to another
timezone one (such as GMT) will force all times to be shown to you in that
timezone.  Example: set tzone GMT.  For a list of supported timezones and the
short codes for them, see "help timezones".

  If you do not know the proper timezone code but you know the time difference
between your timezone and the server's time zone, you can enter this
difference.  For example, suppose your timezone is two hours ahead of GMT
(GMT+2).  You can type "set tzone +2".  If you need to enter fractions of an
hour, use decimals.


(a) The default setting SERVER will allow for changes to daylight savings time
to be handled automatically.  However, for other settings, you will need to
enter the proper timezone code or time difference each time daylight savings
time changes.  Also, the server code will not be able to adjust old times
properly, so some times in the past might appear to be wrong.

See Also:  date  timezones

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