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  The tolerance filter is used to help you to avoid seeing words that are
deemed to be offensive in all user communications (shouts, cshouts, tells,
channels, messages, busy strings, formulas, notes, etc).  It is a six-level
filter for most English swear words.  Many swear words from some foreign
languages have also been added to the filter.  The letters of these words
are replaced by '#', '$', '%' and '&'.  Level 0 provides total filter and
will replace all offensive words with the aforementioned symbols.  Level 5,
on the other hand, allows you to see all communications unaltered.  The
default is Level 1, which shows the mildest offensive words.

  To set your tolerance variable level, use this command: "set tolerance #".
'#' is an integer from 0 to 5.

  The filter is very simple and matches prefixes (or exact words) only.
Therefore, it is easy to circumvent.  Users getting around it on purpose will
be dealt with more harshly.  The introduction of the tolerance filter does not
affect the etiquette system that is in place now.

  If you wish to test the different tolerance variable levels, please send
tells to yourself.  Do not use shouts or other forms of public user
communications.  Many languages are not supported by the filter at the
moment.  If you wish to help or have other words to add, please message
Oxymoron with the details.

See Also:    abuse  set  variables

[Last modified: June 19, 2000 - TheDane]

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