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v_ropen (OBSOLETE)

  If your 'ropen' variable is zero ('false' or 'off'), you will only be open
to match requests from users who have the same setting for "rated" as you do
(both open = 0 or both open = 1).  If non-zero (whether a number, 'true' or
'on'), you will receive all kinds of requests, both rated and unrated.  You
can also use a formula to adjust the match requests you receive.


(a) The ropen setting does not affect match challenges among users in mamer

(b) this variable is now obsolete, and you should use your formula to filter
on "ratedness" criteria.

See Also:  formula  mamer  match  open  set  variables  v_rated

[Last modified: February 16, 1998 -- pgv]

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