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  If your 'notifiedby' variable is non-zero (whether a number, 'true' or
'on'), you will be notified by the server when users having you on their
notify lists log on/off.  If zero ('false' or 'off'), you will not receive
such notifications.  Use of notifiedby can reduce the size of notify lists
(see "notify" help file for details).

  For example, suppose Hawk's notify list includes TheDane but TheDane's
notify list does not include Hawk.  If TheDane has notifiedby = 1, TheDane
will be sent a message whenever Hawk logs off or logs onto the server.

  If you want to be notified about every user logging on/off, use the "pin"

See Also:  notify  set  variables  v_pin

[Last modified: June 22, 1997 -- Friar]

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