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  The MESSREPLY variable allows users to respond to you by email.  If they get 
a message from you emailed to them by the server, they will also get your 
email address.   Here's how it works:

  Suppose you message Hawk on the server, and Hawk has mailmess = 1.  Your 
message will be emailed to Hawk (see help mailmess and help v_mailmess).  If 
you have messreply = 1, your email address will be included in the email 
message sent to Hawk.  What Hawk can then do is use the reply feature of his 
email software to email a message directly to you.  He would not need to 
message you on the server!  If you do not have messreply = 1, your email 
address will not be included in the message emailed to Hawk.  If Hawk has 
mailmess = 0, no messages get emailed to him, of course, which means he will 
not get your email address.

  So, for a user to get your email address, you need to have messreply = 1 and 
the other user needs to have mailmess = 1.  Otherwise, your email address will 
remain confidential unless you disclose it to others (see help 

See Also:  confidentiality  finger  message  mailmess  v_mailmess

[Last modified: November 25, 1996 -- Friar]

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