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  This variable allows you to indicate that you are open for a bughouse
partnership.  Only users with bughouse set to 1 can receive partnership offers
by the "partner" command.  Also, users with bugopen set to 1 will be listed by
the "bugwho u" command -- unpartnered.

  To change your bugopen setting, use the "set" command.  For example ...

    set bugopen 1    [sets you available for partnerships]
    set bugopen 0    [sets you unavailable for partnerships]

  If you are currently in a bughouse partnership, and are not playing a
bughouse game, "set bughouse 0" will unpartner you automatically.  You cannot
do this while you are playing a bughouse game, however.

  Issuing a partnership offer by using the partner command also sets your
bugopen variable to 1.

See Also:  bughouse  bugwho  partner  set

[Last modified: August 5, 1997 -- Friar]

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