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  If your 'automail' variable is non-zero (whether a number, 'true' or 'on'),
the moves of your game will be mailed to you when it is completed or
adjourned.  Example, "set automail 1" or "set automail on".  If your
'automail' variable is zero (0, 'false' or 'off') games will not be
automatically mailed to you once a game is complete.

  You can also have a game emailed to you by using the "mailstored" command.

  Your server e-mail address is used for mailing these games to you.  Make
sure it is correct by typing "finger" and seeing what it is; if it is not
correct, contact an admin and have it changed.  [Reminder: only you and admins
see your email address in finger notes.]


(a) The "v_pgn" variable affects the format of the game mailed to you.

See Also:  finger  mailstored  set  v_pgn  variables

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