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  There are four types of regular (not wild or bughouse) chess played on this
chess server: Untimed, Lightning, Blitz and Standard.

  A game is "Untimed" if the clocks will not be used when playing the game. 
In this case, both the Time and the Increment are 0.  For example, "match
friar 0 0" would request an untimed game against Friar.  The clocks in an
untimed game will not move (though interfaces may handle this in different
ways).  Also, "flag" will not work since the times will never be below 0
seconds.  Lastly, Untimed games are always unrated.

  Untimed games are often useful when doing demonstration lectures or
replaying the moves from a printed game.  If you are playing a an opponent,
however, please realize that your opponent can take as long to move as he/she
wants (unless chess etiquette would be violated in the process, such as for a
forced move).

See Also:  blitz  clocks  etiquette  flag  lightning  match  standard
           variables  v_inc  v_time

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