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Info on Town Meetings

What is a town meeting?

  A town meeting is a way for FICS to gather information from their users
various topics. It is also a way to discuss FICS with admins and try to
make FICS better for everyone.
  There will be about two or three town meetings per month on various
topics and at different times. Everyone is welcome. Discussions will be
held in channel 2 and a few admins will participate in the discussion.
After the meeting, a log and a sumary will be made available so that
veryone can check on the discussion. Type "help meetings_index" for the
list of files on the meetings.

How can you participate?

  Upcoming meetings are displayed in the TownMeetings account.
Type "finger TownMeetings" to get information on the date and time and
topic of the next meeting. Be there on time, although we won't stop you if
you come late ;-)

What if you can't be there?

  You can always comment on a discussion. Send a message to TownMeetings.
The follow-up will be also available on the web page mentioned above. If
you can never make it, send a message to TownMeetings about when you think
it would be appropriate to hold a meeting.


  Going a bit off subject is not really problematic. However, any abuse
and/or profanity during meetings will be dealt with severely. Be sure to
read the abuse help file.

See Also:  abuse  adm_info  channel  meetings_index  message  tell

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