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  It is possible to have a "team" account on the chess server.  Team accounts
would be good for groups of players (whether human or computer) to play chess
matches against either individual players or other teams.  These accounts are
designed for relatively stable groups of players, in contrast to teams formed
spontaneously for just one match (see "teamgames" help file).  Good examples
would be chess clubs at schools or companies.

  If you represent a group of players who would like to form a team for a team
account, then message your request to "Teams" and list the team members.  If
your request is approved, the team handle will be added to the "team" list and
will have the "(T)" designation appearing on who lists.  The review process
usually takes a few days.  You will be contacted about your request.

Special notes:

a) At least two of the team members must be logged in while the team account
is playing a game.

b) The minimum increment for teamgames is 12 seconds (see "help v_inc). 
However, if "time" is more than 30 minutes (see "help v_time") then increment
may be as low as 6 seconds per move.

c) If the team account is not used for more than 6 months, it may be removed
WITHOUT any warning.

See Also:  admins  lists  showlist  teamgames  v_inc  v_time  who

[Last modified: June 29, 1997 -- Friar/Binford]

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