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Usage: smposition UserA {#, UserB, journal_slot}

  This command will display both the position and the moves of UserA's game
archived game: history, stored or journal.  It has the same effect as using
both "smoves" and "sposition" together; read those help files for further
details.  If you use just UserA alone, the moves and position of your stored
game with UserA (if any) will be displayed.  Otherwise, you must designate
either (a) the game # from UserA's "history" table, (b) UserB's handle from
UserA's "stored" (adjourned) games, or (c) a journal slot for a game from
UserA's "journal".


    smposition Hawk           [for a stored game you have with Hawk]
    smposition Hawk 65        [for a history game played by Hawk]
    smposition Hawk DAV       [for a stored game between Hawk and DAV]
    smposition Hawk K         [for a journal game from Hawk's journal]

See Also:  adjourn  adjournments  smoves  sposition  stored

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