FICS - Free Internet Chess Server
8708 31ST Ave N
New Hope
Mn 55427

Here is a list of FICS users who want their Skype ids public. Read news 1003
before you use skype and it's courtesy to ask the person on FICS if it's ok
to contact them first time instead of cold calling them.

Handle                           Skype ID
------                           --------

beuki(SR)                        beukibot
BugEager                         bugeager
Chessty(*)(SR)                   chessty
ChrisHowie                       ChrisHowie
DAV(*)                           dav75uk
galette                          galette-z
Giampy(SR)(TM)                   giampy62
Huevon                           huevonsito
jonovic                          jonovic
MAdBorg                          ljubalazarevic
mallarme                         mallarme
nana                             kenyacoffee
Pirov                            Pirov75
Pulmannen                        Pulmannen
Remedy(SR)(TM)                   Remedyke
ronnieg(SR)(TM)                  ronniegtmsr

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Last modified: Sun Feb 11 14:27:58 GMT Standard Time 2007