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Usage: simmatch player [{board_category board}]

The "simmatch" requests a simul match with the given "player." That player
must have his simopen flag on in order to accept simul requests. Once a match
has started, you will be informed where in line you are. You will play BLACK.
Simul games are unrated.


You may set the "board_category" and the "board" of the match if you wish.
These two parameters specify a particular starting position for the game.
They must be used together. If you don`t specify these parameters your
default variable settings will be used. That is, the regular starting
position for pieces will be used with no particular opening. See the board
help file for more information.


Simmatch can also be used to restart an adjourned simul match, or untimed
games in simul form.


simmatch justjanie
     requests a simul game vs. justjanie. Assuming justjanie as her simopen
     flag on, you will receive a server message

                       Simul match request sent. 

     Assuming justjanie accepts the match request you will receive

                   justjanie accepts the simul offer. 

     And - if you use the default settings -

  Creating: justjanie (----) ferkelchen (----) unrated untimed 0 0 
  {Game 41 (justjanie vs. ferkelchen) Creating unrated untimed match.} 
  You can't flag untimed games. 

simmatch justjanie wild 5
     Allows you to play the black pieces in a wild 5 game.


board match simadjourn simalladjourn simopen simuls wild


Created: 25 February 1996 Friar
Last Modified: 7 February 2004 Sandstrom

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