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Usage: showlist [list_name]

  This command lists the handles of users on a given list.  The server
maintains various special lists, such as the handles of admins and
grandmasters on the server.  To display the names of available lists, type
"showlist".  Each list will be of a certain type: READ/WRITE ADMINS for admin
use only (with a few lists edited only by the main server admins), PUBLIC for
admins to create but which users may read, and PERSONAL for private use by
individual users.

  The standard alias for "showlist" is "=".  For example, "=admin" will list
the handles of the server admins and "=computer" will list computers that
have accounts on the server.

See Also:  addlist  admins  lists  sublist

[Last modified: August 5, 1997 -- Friar]

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