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  In order to encourage users to hold conversations in channels rather than
with "shouts" the server has a shout quota.  A shout quota limits the
frequency of a user's shouts (including "it"-type shouts).  For normal
purposes, the standard shout quota is not a limitation.

  If you type "shout" or "it" alone without any message, you will be informed
about your current shout status: either (a) you may shout now, or (b) the time
when you may next make a shout.

  If what you want to do is have conversations with a lot of people, we
suggest that you use IRC -- a special internet process for conversations.  See
"irc_help" for details.

See Also:  channel  etiquette  intro_talking  irc_help  it  shout  shout_abuse

[Last modified: March 31, 1996 -- Friar]

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