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Usage: set variable_name [value]

  You have a number of predefined variables that control the behavior of your
account.  This command allows you to control those variables and modify their
settings.  Generally, if "value" is omitted, the variable is toggled ON/OFF

  set shout 0
  set f4 !private & !computer !abuser
  set time 10
  set inc 0
  set auto 1
  set style 12

  To see the list of all of variables you can control, type "help variables". 
There are also other special uses of the "set" command, as follows.


  If you will be idle for a while, you can have a brief message displayed to
users when they "tell" you something.  Read the "busy" help file for details.


  You can have up to 10 information lines that can be displayed when someone
uses the "finger" command.  These text lines are modified by typing "set n
<text>" where 'n' can be any integer from 1-10.  You can erase one of your
lines by typing "set n" without any text.  (See "notes" help file.)


  You can filter out match requests by setting a formula.  Your formula may
include certain variables you can also set.  Read the "formula" help file for

See Also:  busy  finger  formula  notes  variables

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