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Usage: say message

  Transmits your message to your current opponent if you are playing a game. 
If you are not playing a game, the message is sent to the last opponent you
had in your current logon session.  The one difference is for bughouse games.
If you 'say' during (but not after) a bughouse match your message will go to
three people: your opponent, your partner, and your partner's opponent.

  "Say" is an easy form of "tell" as you can see, because you do not need to
enter the user's name.  "Say" differs from "kibitz": both commands send a
message to your opponent, but "kibitz" also sends the same message to any
observers of your game and kibitzes can be filtered in various ways.

See Also:  bughouse  intro_talking  kibitz  kiblevel  tell  variables  v_tell

[Created: August 11, 1997 -- Friar]
[Last modified: December 11, 2000 -- MAd]

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