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Usage:  rematch [<opponent> <time> <inc> [<btime> <binc>] <rated/unrated>
        <suicide> <string>]

  The rematch command is a way to match your last opponent to the same kind of
game you just played with him/her, thus saving you the hassle of issuing a
full 'match' command   The command looks at your history file (see 'help
history'), reads the handle of the opponent, and time controls, and the type
of game it was, and challenges that user to a game of the same time controls
and type.  The items you can specifiy for the "rematch" command are similar to
those for the "match" command; yuo can use them to make some changes inthe
chess match you will play with your last opponent.

Here are a few examples of the rematch command:

    rematch      [to challenge the last opponent you had]
    rematch cyee [to challenge user 'cyee' to the last type of game you played
                 against him/her]
    rematch u    [to challenge your last opponent, but to an unrated game]

See also:  boards  bughouse  history  match

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