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Usage: rank [user [b][s][l][w][z][B][S]]
       rank m [b][s][l][w][z][B][S]
       rank m-n [b][s][l][w][z][B][S]

  The rank command is used to see where a user's rating stands with respect to
other rated users on the server.  You can also see the rank of users who have
a certain rating, and the ratings of users who have a certain range of ranks. 
Also, your current rank is displayed after every rated game you play.
There are four ways to use the rank command:

  (a) Ranking for a *user*: Use "rank user" to obtain the ranking for a given
user and all users with nearby rankings; example: "rank carlsbad"

  (b) Users with a given *rating*: Use "rank m" to see the rank of a user with
rating 'm'; example: "rank 1845"

  (c) Users with a *range of ranks*: Use "rank m-n" to see the ratings of
users whose ranks are from 'm' to 'n'; example: "rank 100-150"

  (d) *Your* ranking: If "rank" is used alone, your rankings will be displayed

  A second argument with one or more of the letters b, s, l, w, z, B and/or
S asks to show only blitz, standard, lightning, wild, bughouse, crazyhouse
and/or suicide chess ratings respectively.  For example, "rank foo bw" shows
the blitz and wild ranking of the player whose handle is "foo".  If no second
argument is given, rankings for blitz, standard and lightning types are shown
sorted by blitz, then standard, then lightning.

  Currently, all players with RDs less than 80 are ranked.  If you ask for a
player's rank and he/she has an RD greater than 80, the player's current
rating will be displayed in the table but a line (----) will precede the
handle to indicate a provisional ranking.

Related commands
  crank -- rankings for computers only
  hrank -- rankings for humans only
  best  -- gives the top 20 in rankings
  cbest -- same as best, but only for computers
  hbest -- same as best, but only for humans


  (a)  If two users have the same rating for a given type of chess, they will
have a tied rank.  The rank display will list them as being at the same level
and also omit the next rank number.  For example, if two users have a blitz
rating of 1876, they will have the same rank.  If they are tied for rank #345,
then rank #346 is omitted and the next user in the rank display will be #347.

  (b)  As of December 1st, 1998, ranks ARE computed after every rated game is
completed.  The command will therefore reference the current rank list.

See Also: best  bughouse  cbest  crank  crazyhouse  hbest  hrank  lightning
          ratings  standard  suicide_chess

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