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Usage: pstat [user] [[filter1] [filter2] [filter...]] [/s]

Displays the win/loss record for a user, separated by rated and unrated.


user:   The user whose stats you wish to examine. If not specified, it
        defaults to yourself.
filter: The type of results you want shown. If not specified, show all
        results for 'user'.
/s:     How to sort the information for display. If not specified, show all
        the relevant results on one line.


pstat /o <opponent> -- Use this to find your record against another player.
"pstat /o MAd" lists your win/loss/draw against MAd.


computer: /c -- Show computer opponents only.
human:    /h -- Show human opponents only.
white:    /pw -- Show games played as white only.
black:    /pb -- Show games played as black only.
opponent: /o <opponent> -- Shows your result against a specified opponent.
eco:      /e <code> -- The eco code corresponding with a named opening
          position: See help eco.
time:     /t <etime> -- List games with a corresponding etime. This is a
          fairly complicated arrangement, so further discussion occurs later
          in this help file in the 'etime' section. The important bit is that
          etime can only be an integer. No decimals!
board:              /b <board> -- Shows you results with a given board type. Currently
          'board' is limited to the following: standard, blitz, lightning,
          untimed, bughouse, crazyhouse, suicide, losers, atomic, and wild

           o 'chess' is not a valid board type.
           o 'w#' is not a valid shortcut for wild <number>.
           o 'fr' is not a valid board type.
           o 'bug' is a shortcut for 'bughouse'.
           o 'cra' and 'zh' are shortcuts for crazyhouse.

You can chain filters together, such as "pstat /h /pw".


To specify the start of the sorting, use the '/s' flag immediately followed
by 'o', 'b', 'e', or 't'. These are for 'opponent', 'board', 'eco', and
'time' respectively. For example, "pstat /sbe" shows your stats sorted by
board, then by eco code.

 o There are no arguments when sorting. /s[o][b][e][t] is it.

 o The sort occurs in the order listed.

 o Using the same filter flag on the sort flag is an illegal command. "pstat
   /b blitz /sb", for example, is illegal.


Clearly, depending on the filters and sorts you use, the output will look
different. It's really self explanatory. However the basic line is:

'C' 'Opponent' 'Game type' 'Etime' 'ECO' 'R Win' 'R Loss' 'R Draw' 'U Win' 'U
Loss' 'U Draw'

The win/loss/draw part is separated by Rated and Unrated games. It is always
given in terms of 'user'. Remember that if no user is specified, it is for

For the other columns, a * means 'all'. Otherwise, it lists the appropriate
color, name, type, etime, or eco code, depending on the filter and sort.


Etime is the maximum time 40 moves will take per player. For more details
about etime, see help etime and help clocks. This part of the filter/sort is
somewhat difficult, so please read carefully.

When you specify an etime, you must do so as integer. For example: 5 is
acceptable, 5.8 is not. Etime is grouped in ranges. When you specify an
etime, it will show all games that fall within the corresponding etime range.
For example, "pstat /t 5" lists all games where the etime is greater than, or
equal to 5, but less than 6. Here is the list of ranges. Remember that you
are interested in the first number listed on each line. Find the closest one
that is less than or equal to your desired etime.

0 < etime < 1       Begin Lightning                    
1 <= etime < 2                                         
2 <= etime < 3      End Lightning                      
3 <= etime < 4      Begin Blitz                        
4 <= etime < 5                                         
5 <= etime < 6      5 0 games                          
6 <= etime < 7                                         
7 <= etime < 8                                         
8 <= etime < 9                                         
9 <= etime < 10                                        
10 <= etime < 11    2 12 games (most common)           
11 <= etime < 12                                       
12 <= etime < 13                                       
13 <= etime < 14                                       
14 <= etime < 15    End Blitz                          
15 <= etime < 20    Begin Standard                     
20 <= etime < 25                                       
25 <= etime < 30                                       
30 <= etime < 35    30 0 games                         
35 <= etime < 40                                       
40 <= etime < 45                                       
45 <= etime < 50                                       
50 <= etime < 55                                       
55 <= etime < 60                                       
60 <= etime < 75    Begin games lasting over 2 hours   
75 <= etime < 90                                       
90 <= etime < 105                                      
105 <= etime < 120                                     
120 <= etime < 150                                     
150 <= etime < 180                                     
180 <= etime        6 hours or more (3 hours per side) 


 o Will not include results prior to FICS version 1.22.0.

 o Will only include statistics from your last 2500 games on the server

 o Shows summaries starting from your latest games and looks backwards

 o Old win/loss can be accessed using "oldpstat"

 o "next stats" can be used to advance through pages of output. This is
   helpful if you look at a help file then want to resume paging through the


pstat /o MAd          Show your stats against MAd.
pstat /o MAd /b blitz Show your blitz record against MAd
pstat MAd /o pgv      Show MAd's stats against pgv
pstat /c /sb          Show your stats against computers broken down by board
pstat /o MAd /pw      Show your stats against MAd when you were white.


assess boards eco etime finger hstat match oldpstat


Created: 11 December 2001 MAd
Last Modified: 15 November 2005 mhill

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