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Usage: set private [n]

  "Private" is one of the variables you can set.  If your 'private' variable
is non-zero (whether a number, 'true' or 'on'), then all games you play will
be private regardless of your opponent's 'private' variable; no regular users
will be able to access the moves of your game until it has been completed. 
Commands such as "observe," "copygame" and "mailmoves" will not work for them. 
After your game is completed, the moves of the game will be available to other

  A private game is designated in "games" and "history" displays by the letter
"p".  Also, if a game is private, the eco category is not displayed in the
history table.

See Also:  eco  games  history  mamer  observe  variables  v_private

[Last modified: June 1, 1998 -- Friar]

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