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Usage: primary [name|#]

  This command is used to list the primary queue (priority order) of the games
you are observing, as well as to designate which of the games you are
observing you want at the top of the primary queue.  Which game is at the top
of the queue affects the kibitzes and whispers you make, as well as other
commands.  You must first 'observe' that game in order to designate it as the
primary game.


    primary      --  lists the games in your primary queue, highest to lowest
    primary DAV  --  moves DAV's game to the top of the primary queue
    primary 34   --  moves game 34 to the top of the primary queue

NOTE: If you are playing a game, all your kibitzes and whispers will go to
your game even if you later designate a different game as 'primary'.

How the primary queue works

  When you observe a game, a "primary queue" is created.  If you are observing
only one game, that game is at the top of the queue so it is the 'primary'
game.  When you add more games to be observed, they are added in order behind
the 'primary' game.  When a game ends, it is removed from the queue.  When you
use the "primary" command you in essence re-order the queue and place that
game at the front of the queue.  When the 'primary' game ends, the primary
setting reverts to the game at the top of the queue.

  Here is an extended example.  Suppose a user types the following commands in

    observe 34       [the queue is now: 34]
    observe 23       [the queue is now: 34, 23]
    observe 2        [the queue is now: 34, 23, 2]

  So "kibitz good move!" would go to game 34.

    primary 23       [the queue is now: 23, 34, 2]

  So "kibitz good move!" would go to game 23.

  If game 23 were to end, the queue becomes 34, 2, so "kibitz good move!"
would at this point go to game 34.


(a) You can over-ride the 'primary' designation and make a kibitz (whisper) to
a different game by using the "xkibitz" ("xwhisper") command.

(b) When you begin playing a game, or examining a game, or setting up a
position with "bsetup", depending on the value of your 'unobserve' variable
the entire primary queue may be emptied. However, you can observe games at
that point, and create a new primary queue.

See Also:  kibitz  observe  v_unobserve  whisper  xkibitz  xwhisper

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