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1. What is PowerICS?

   PowerICS is a graphical user interface, 
   written by Hans. H Kossendey (Kossy on FICS)
   designed specifically for Macintosh.

2. Where can I download PowerICS?

   PowerICS can be downloaded from the FICS website.
   See and follow the download

3. Is PowerICS free?

   Yes, PowerICS is a free interface for Macintosh. 
   PowerICS is a BETA program and is still in testing.
   PowerICS is NOT TO BE DISTRIBUTED unless you have 
   written permission from the author.

4. What Macintosh machine is needed?

   PowerICS should run on any PPC computer (Power Mac).

5. Is PowerICS a premove interface?


6. What are the features "War" and "Drop" (located on 
   the top left-hand corner of the chessboard)?

   War: Shows who has captured more pieces.

   Drop: Allows you to drop pieces in CrazyHouse and 
         BugHouse games.

7. How do I get rid of the annoying beep-on-move feature?

   Hold command+B (Apple key and B).

8. What is the "Players Available" screen for?

   It shows which users have become available for a match.
   It shows their ratings and their average.

9. What is "Dither Pieces" for?

   It allows you to make the outline of the pieces darker 
   or lighter.

PowerICS FAQ version 1.0 9/15/2000 Arthur F. Watkins (afw)

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