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Usage: ping [user]

This command displays information about the speed of the connection to
FICS of yourself or any other user who isn't behind a firewall.

For users with timeseal 2 the average ping time is displayed. If the user
uses no timeseal or timeseal 1 the ping request is passed through to
ROBOadmin. A sample display would be:

:pinging Ludens
:round trip times to Ludens: min/avg/max/mdev = 123.463/124.089/125.370/0.773 ms

The system sent icmp pings to the node Ludens is connecting from and shows
minimum, average and maximum time and the standard deviation it
took for the packets to reach their destination (round trip).


(a) Requests are queued, so there might be a short delay between your
request and the answer. Please refrain from repeated pings as this will
slow down responsivity.

(b) Players who have their icmp traffic disabled cannot be successfully
pinged. You will see output like this:

:ping for MAd is not available.

(c) You cannot ping a player who's not currently logged on.

See Also:  lag  timeseal

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