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Usage: partner user_name

The "partner" command is used in order to ask another user to become your
partner for a bughouse match. The other user will need to "accept" or
"decline" the offer. If the other user accepts the partner offer, the two of
you will then be able to hold bughouse matches against other partnerships and
the two of you can be identified using the "bugwho p" command as being
available for bughouse matches.


 1. You can only partner users who are open for bughouse partnerships. i.e.,
    have their "bugopen" variable set to 1.

 2. To see which users are available for a bughouse partnership use the
    "bugwho u" command.

 3. If you partner a user, your bugopen variable is automatically set to 1.

 4. If you type partner alone, it will cancel any partnership you have,
    though it will not affect your bugopen variable setting.


accept bughouse bugwho decline pending v_bugopen who


Created: 5 August 1997 Friar
Last Modified: 7 February 2004 MAd

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