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Usage: oldpstat [user] [opponent]

The win/loss/draw record between 'user' and 'opponent'.


user:     The name of the user you want to check on. If no user is specified,
          it looks for your stats.
opponent: The name of the opponent for the user. If no opponent is specified,
          it looks for the opponent of the game currently being played or
          examined by 'user'.


with all its wonderful flags and sorting options, "pstat" only keeps up with
your last 2500 games. If all you want is the win/loss record for all times,
you can use oldpstat. Although "oldpstat" does not have any of the filtering
or sorting options that "pstat" has.


The output is in terms of 'user'. So it's user's wins and user's losses.


Created: 15 November 2005 mhill

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