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  A registered user has up to 10 lines in his/her 'finger' display for posting
information (see 'help finger').  These lines are known as "finger notes",
one's "plan" or just "notes".

  Notes are numbered from 1 to 10.  The lines are created, changed and deleted
by using the 'set' command.  For example, "set 1 I love Wild 5!!!" will set
your #1 finger note to: "I love Wild 5!!!".

  Your 'notes' can be read by all users of the server, so be sure that notes
have information you want to make public.  Notes must conform to the etiquette
of the server (please see the 'etiquette' help files).  Users will be asked to
remove offensive notes; offensive notes can also be hidden so that other users
will not be able to read them. In particular, it is strongly suggested that
users refrain from quoting personal tells and any information that may cause
others to be upset.


(a) If you type "set 0 text" this note will be inserted as note #1 with the
other notes being resequenced.  However, if you already had the maximum of 10
notes, the old note #10 will be deleted.

(b) Notes are added consecutively, not by slot.  For example, if you type "set
8 text" but have no note #7, your note will be added as #7 rather than as note

See Also:  etiquette  finger  set

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