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Usage: news [all|#[-#]]

  The command displays news items from the chess server bulletin board.  There
are four versions of the command:

  (a) news      -- display the titles of the last 10 news items

  (b) news all  -- display the titles of all news items [long]

  (c) news #    -- display detailed information about news item #  (such as
                   "news 482")

  (d) news #-#  -- display the titles of a range of news items (such as "news

  News items that have been added since your last logon are outlined for you
when you logon.  Also, news items and other announcements that are part of the
opening text when you logon are in the "motd" help file (for an explanation of
the "motd" information, read the "motd_help" help file).

See Also:  motd  motd_help

[Last modified: February 11, 1998 -- Friar]

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