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    Summary of Town Meeting #1

Date:  Sunday, March 13th, 1999
Time:  1400 CST
Topic: General

1) TShouts.

    The idea of tshout was proposed to have some sort of shout only for
tourneys. Presently, one can censor mamer so he will not see mamer's
announcements in cshout. However, the problem of TM cshouting as well was
pointed out.

2) NoEscape Variable.

    This variable, if set to 1 by both players in a match would consider
disconnection as a loss. In other words, if you have this variable on and
so does your opponent, and you disconnect, you will lose the game.
Currently, only bughouse games apply this because of problems with
adjourned games.
    The problem with that is that disconnecting for any reason will make
you lose the game, even if you are not responsable. Also, it will divide
people and make it harder to look for a game because some will be looking
for people with the same value of NoEscape as themselves.

3) Interfaces.

    The bads and goods of the current interfaces and the possible new
interfaces were discussed.

4) Mamer Tourneys.

    Briefly, the possibility of making new tourneys was discussed, human as
well as computer tourneys.

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[Composed: March 16, 1999 -- SuperIntellect]

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