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    Follow-up of Town Meeting #1

Date:  Sunday, March 13th, 1999
Time:  1400 CST
Topic: General

1) TShouts.

    The whole purpose of CShouts was discussed among admins and TMs and it
was decided that tourney shouts were a big part of it. Removing them would
reduce CShouts to almost nothing. As for TMs not cshouting tourneys, it was
decided that they keep doing so because it brings mamer to new players.

2) NoEscape Variable.

    Because of all the implications of such variable on disconnection and
not enough benifit, this idea is put on hold. It will take a while to see
this on FICS, and the discussion still goes on about whether this feature
is added or not, and the way it will work.

3) Interfaces.

    Not much to add here. Admins are discussing a way to bring some people
together to make a giant interface.

4) Mamer Tourneys.

    The need for more tourney was passed on to TMs. Also, if anyone thinks
that a good time for a scheduled tourney would be good, he can always ask a
TM about it.

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[Composed: March 20, 1999 -- SuperIntellect]

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