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  Mamer is an automated Tournament Director for use with online chess servers.
Mamer stands for "manage me" plus an 'r' for the differentiation between
"mame" (Fred Baumgarten's) code and "mamer" (mlong's) code.  For more
historical details type "tell mamer help about".

  Mamer is run by special 'Mamer Managers', one of whom serves as the main
contact person for questions and problems (see "help mamer_tm").  Mamer
Managers ready to assist you will have the designation '(TM)' behind their
handles.  The Mamer Manager channel is channel 48, and only Mamer Managers may
join channel 48.  The special channel for Mamer tournaments is channel 49.
Channel 149 (also known as the 'mamerii' channel) is no longer in use due to
mamer's ability to run several tournaments at the same time.  Tournaments are 
announced in cshouts as well as channel tells to channels 49.

  If you want to play in a Mamer tournament, we suggest the following:

    (a) type "+channel 49" to join the mamer channel

    (b) if there is a tournament being announced that you want to join, type
        "tell mamer join #", where # is the tourney number, and play the 
         matches to which you are assigned

    (c) type "tell mamer listtourneys" and look for tourneys with a status of
        "open". Then, "tell mamer join #" to join that tourney

  For more details about Mamer and special Mamer commands, read the Mamer help
files.  You can list Mamer's commands and a brief summary of their usage 
by typing "tell mamer showcommands", and you can see a list of mamer's
help files with "tell mamer help".

  There is a system alias for mamer.  The alias for "xtell mamer" is "mam".


(a) If you have problems during a Mamer tournament, please contact a Mamer
Manager, not an admin of the chess server.

See also:  admin  alias  mamer_tm 

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