FICS - Free Internet Chess Server
8708 31ST Ave N
New Hope
Mn 55427


  The server maintains several lists in order to conduct its business.  You
can use +/-/= to change and view the various lists.

Examples (using the aliases):

  +listname member    (Add member to listname -- addlist)

  -listname member    (Remove member from listname -- sublist)

  =listname           (View the members of listname -- showlist)

  =                   (View the names of all lists and their status
                      -- showlist)

Certain lists can only be modified by an admin.  Other lists are for admin
viewing only.  See showlist help file for details.

See Also:  addlist  admin  showlist  sublist

[Last modified: September 2, 1995 -- Friar]

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