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  The purpose of this help file is to catalog www addresses about chess-
related items other than logon information for chess servers.  (For server 
addresses, type ADDRESSES.)  Items will be posted in _reverse_ chronological 
order, oldest items at the bottom.

  To have a www address (URL) included in this links file, MESSAGE the special 
HelpFiles account.  If there are no concerns about the address or the www 
pages involved, it will be included.  When submitting items, please use the 
following format:

    Date / Contact_person / URL

(See items below for examples of this format.)  Items about chess-related 
activities and events will be placed in the BULLETIN_BOARD help file.  If you 
have any questions, please message HelpFiles.

  FICS is not responsible for the content of www pages listed below, nor does 
including the address imply endorsement.  We are merely striving to provide 
what we hope will be useful connections for chess players.  Thank you.

See also:  addresses  bulletin_board  news  uscf

[Last modified: October 27, 1996 -- Friar]


Oct 26, 1996 / Ankhar /
Passed Pawn Chess Page - chess information, instruction, national and 
international ratings and tournament listings.

Oct 26, 1996 / Ronald /
A page contains of chess puzzles, chess quotes, and selected games. 

Oct 24, 1996 / Eriol /
The SICS homepage. 

Oct 23, 1996 / tayx /              
The Official SSEChess Home Page

Oct 23,1996 / David_Ottosen /
bughouse and chess pages

Oct 20, 1996 / reado /
A FICS page with several links to help files.

Oct 20, 1996 / gasch /
A page devoted to FICS.

Oct 20, 1996 / yoshi /
A very useful guide to setting up your interface.

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