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Usage: set kiblevel rating

  When many users are observing and commenting on a game, the kibitzes and
whispers can be so numerous that following the commentary can be difficult. 
This problem is especially true for special events, such as World Chess
Championship games.  There was therefore a need to cut down on the amount of
kibitzes and whispers a person might want to receive.  A kibitz filter,
"kiblevel", was created in answer to this problem.

  What the kiblevel variable does is limit the kibitzes and whispers you will
hear to only users with a certain ability (either a given chess server rating
or chess master title -- GM, IM, FM).  You establish the kiblevel filter by using the kiblevel variable and the "set" command.  Here are the possibilities for kiblevel settings, and their results:

    ------------------    ------------------------------------------------
    set kiblevel 9999     Hear kibitzes/whispers only from titled users
    set kiblevel 2000     Hear kibitzes/whispers from titled users and users
                          with ratings of 2000 or higher
    set kiblevel 0        Hear all kibitzes/whispers

In terms of a user's rating, the highest rating of blitz/standard is chosen.

  If you want to filter ALL kibitzes, use the "kibitz" variable setting
instead and type "set kibitz 0".

  Because problems with kibitz/whisper volume only on certain occasions, your
kiblevel variable is reset back to 0 each time you log in.  That way, regular
games will not be affected by your forgetting to set kiblevel back to a more
suitable level.


(a) Kibitzes made by server admins who are "on duty" (and have their admin
flag shown, namely a '*' in 'who' listings) are not filtered by this command
in order to allow for necessary communication in special circumstances.

See Also:  kibitz  set  variable  v_kibitz  v_kiblevel  whisper

[Last modified: November 25, 1996 -- Friar]

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