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Usage: kibitz message 

  If you are playing a game, the message will be sent to all observers and
players of your game.  If you are not playing a game, the message will be sent
to all observers and players of the 'primary' game in your observation queue. 
(For details on the primary queue, read "help primary".)

  Note: the message is sent to both observers AND PLAYERS of a game, with
these exceptions: (a) users with their kibitz variables set to 0 (off), and
(b) users who have set a kiblevel.  For this reason, using whisper or xwhisper
(rather than kibitz) is a more polite way of discussing a game with other
observers without having your message heard by the two players.

  In order to listen to kibitzes, you must have your kibitz variable on ("set
kibitz 1").  If you want to listen to kibitzes only from players of a given
chess ability or higher, use the kiblevel variable.

  When a kibitz is displayed, the kibitzer's rating will be shown (the higher
of blitz and standard will be used).  However, (a) if the kibitzer has a chess
master title (GM, IM, FM, NM), this title will be displayed along with the
rating; (b) if the kibitzer is an admin on duty, a '*' will be displayed.

  You must be observing or playing a game in order to use this command.  The
standard alias for kibitz is "*".


(a)  It is considered bad manners to discuss the game with other observers by
using kibitz because doing so might assist the players.  Instead, use
"whisper" in order to discuss a game you and others are observing without
interfering with the play of the game.

See Also:  intro_talking  kiblevel  observe  primary  set  variable  v_kibitz 
v_kiblevel  whisper  xkibitz  xwhisper

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