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Usage: journal [handle]

The "journal" command displays the contents of a journal.


handle If specified, show this user's journal. If unspecified, show your own.


A journal is used to store games more permanently on the server than your
"history" allows. The journal file has 26 available slots.

 o "jsave" saves games to your journal

 o "jkill" deletes entries from your journal.

 o "examine" lets you examine a journal game

 o "smoves" can display the moves of a journal game

 o "sposition" can show the final position.

 o "smposition" displays moves and position.

 o "mailstored" can mail a journal game to you

It is possible to hide your journal from other users by using the jprivate
variable. If it is hidden no one can read it or copy from it.


 "journal mad"

Journal for MAd: 
     White         Rating  Black         Rating  Type         ECO End Result 
%01: Toni          1831    MAd           1612    [ br  2  12] C44 Mat 0-1
%02: *MAd          1634    *MAd          1634    [ uu  0   0] D05 --- *

The listing for a journal entry includes:

 1. slot

 2. names and ratings of the players

 3. type of match

 4. ECO classification, and

 5. game result

The codes for Type, End and Result are the same as those used in the History
listing with this exception: the result ' * ' means that the game has not
reached a conclusion, and is probably either a "stored" game or a game
"jsaved" before it ended.


examine    history    jkill      jsave      mailstored smoves     smposition 
sposition  stored     v_jprivate variables  


Created: 3 September 1997 Friar
Last Modified: 5 August 2007 mhill

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