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Usage: ivariables [user]
  This command will display the ivariables of the given user.  If no user is
given then your ivariable settings will be displayed.

  Ivariables are special variables that interface and bot authors can use to
modify the output of the FICS server. They shouldn't normally be touched by
a user and fiddling with them may cause the interface to malfunction (which
can be reset by logging out then in again). Ivariables are not saved between
  Here is a sample display from the ivariables command:                        

Interface variable settings of DAV:
compressmove=0     defprompt=0     lock=0     mamer=0
seekremove=0       startpos=0      block=0    gameinfo=0
pendinfo=0         graph=0         seekinfo=0                                   

(new variables may be added from time to time)

  Each ivariable has a separate help file to explain how it is used.  Type
"help iv_<variable>" to read a specific file.  For example, to read about the
graph variable you would type "help iv_graph".
  Ivariable settings are changed by using the "iset" command.  For example,
"iset graph 1".  When a ivariable has been modified, you will be informed of
the new setting as a way of verifying it. Normally an interface should parse
out this message so that users will not be confused.
See Also:  iset [and the many 'iv_' files, of course]
[Last modified: August 1, 2000 -- DAV]

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