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  Setting ivariable pendinfo provides the interface with extra notifications
of pending offers. This allows an interface to easily track the offers
so that lists of offers can be presented to the user.

  At this point there will be an update of the current status of pending

  The format of this is:

- <pt> index w=name_to t=offer_type p=params
- <pf> index w=name_from t=offer_type p=params
- <pr> index

  (note the - was added so as not to confuse interfaces displaying this

  pt is offers to user w, pf is offers from user w and pr is offers that are
declined, withdrawn, removed or accepted.

  Note that interfaces should use accept / decline / withdraw index since
index is unique and will not be reused for at least 60 seconds.

  Note there are prompts following this pendinfo which should be parsed out to
avoid the user seeing extra prompts.

  Note any new fields will be appended to the end so the interface must be
able to handle this.

See Also:  iset ivariables
[Last modified: August 3rd, 2000 -- DAV]

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