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  Setting ivariable graph disables normally ASCII style graphs that commands
like ustat output and replaces them with interface parseable data. This means
that an interface can draw its own graph which will look far better than the
ASCII style one that FICS outputs.

 Data is output as follows:

- <#> number_values first_bar(float) bar_increment(float) bar_modulus
- <#y> title_for_y_axis
- <#x> title_for_x_axis
- <#d> data data data ... data
- <#d> data ...
Note: Data output is blocked up in groups of 10 numbers.
      (the - was added so as not to confuse interfaces displaying this

- <#> 48 14.5 0.5 24
- <#y> Average users connected (last 24 hours)
- <#x> Local time
- <#d> 206 237 254 275 277 293 306 324 311 334
- <#d> 340 355 370 387 405 403 392 356 337 311
- <#d> 297 270 280 281 283 271 268 288 290 270
- <#d> 249 232 224 207 224 215 224 224 198 209
- <#d> 206 216 217 213 229 228 224 222

Explanation of the various data items:

 Each of the data items corresponds to the height of a bar. The groupings to
which each bar belongs to are written along the x-axis. The group's range
is from the current value up to that of the value on the next group.

 The first bar's group is first_bar and is a float. The decimal portion can
only be multiples of halves. bar_increment (a float) is added to the last group
to get the successive group's range. If bar_modulus is specified then that
modulus is applied. If the value goes below 0 then bar_modules is added. If no
modulus is specified the value will continue to increment or decrement, but it
will be set up so it never goes less than 0.

 Note the values on the x-axis are shown for every other bar. If the first bar
is a fraction the x-axis value should be shown for the second bar and the
first skipped. This is so that halves are never shown. Halves may be used for
time where decimal values have no meaning and so the grouping should not be

 num_values is the number of data groups, their data value being what the
y-axis refers to.

  Note any new fields will be appended to the end so the interface must be
able to handle this.

See Also:  iset ivariables
[Last modified: August 1st, 2000 -- DAV]

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