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  Setting ivariable compressmove will generate 'delta' boards on certain moves.
These delta boards are smaller than normal style 12 boards and make it quicker
to get the data in and involves less transfer for the server.

  Delta boards will NOT be shown in the following circumstances and a full
board will be shown instead:

  Once only showing of the board (eg. refresh or sposition)
  Setup, examined, crazyhouse, wild, bughouse, suicide games
  Rejected move boards
  Paused or unpaused, taken back or switched games
  First board of a game / observed game or adjourned game restarted
  Simul holder goes to a board
  Clock setting refreshes

  (Items may be added or removed from this list)

  A delta board appears as follows:

- <d1> game_index num_half_moves algebraic_string smith_string time_taken_in_ms

  (note the - was added so as not to confuse interfaces displaying this

For example:

- <d1> 2 64 Rxc2 e2c2p 1200 203800

num_half_moves is the number of half moves played
smith_string is <square><square><info chars> where <info> is:

  '' no info
  q,r,n,b,k,p captured (note k is suicide only which will not be shown)
  Q,R,N,B,K promoted (note K is suicide only which will not be shown)
  c - O-O occurred (depending on the game type what happens)
  C - O-O-O occurred (depending on the game type what happens)
  E - en-passant capture
Example moves are:

e2e4 - piece moves from e2 to e4
g8f6n - piece moves from g8 to f6 capturing a knight
e1g1c - O-O occurred
e8c8C - O-O-O occurred
e5d6E - en-passant capture
b7a8rQ - piece moves from b7 to a8 capturing a rook and promoting to a queen

  Note any new fields will be appended to the end so the interface must be
able to handle this.

See Also:  iset ivariables style
[Last modified: August 3rd, 2000 -- DAV]

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