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Usage: iset ivariable_name [value]

The "iset" command is used to modify the value of the "ivariables."
Ivariables are special variables that interface and bot authors can use to
modify the output of the FICS server.


 1. Users shouldn't manually modify the ivariables as it may cause the
    interface to malfunction.

 2. Ivariables are not saved between sessions.

 3. When an ivariable is modified, you will be informed of the new settings
    as a way of verifying it.

 4. Computers have to set ivariables to receive matches of chess variants.


iv_allresults   iv_atomic       iv_audiochat    iv_block        
iv_boardinfo    iv_compressmove iv_crazyhouse   iv_defprompt    
iv_extascii     iv_extuserinfo  iv_fr           iv_gameinfo     
iv_graph        iv_lock         iv_losers       iv_movecase     
iv_ms           iv_nohighlight  iv_nowrap       iv_pendinfo     
iv_pin          iv_pinginfo     iv_premove      iv_seekca       
iv_seekinfo     iv_seekremove   iv_showownseek  iv_showserver   
iv_singleboard  iv_smartmove    iv_startpos     iv_suicide      
iv_vthighlight  iv_wildcastle   ivariables      


Created: 1 August 2000 DAV
Last Modified: 7 February 2004 MAd

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