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          F R E E  I N T E R N E T  C H E S S  S E R V E R  (FICS)

          *** If you are new here and would like to register,  ***
          *** type "help register" to learn about the process. ***

  We have created several introductory files for users of this chess server. 
The files describe different features of the server and give you some
suggestions on how these features can help you enjoy internet chess.  Here is
a directory of the introductory files and what topics each file covers:

     Introductory File     Topics Covered
     -----------------     -------------------------------------
     intro_analysis        Examine or analyze a game
     intro_basics          Basic commands; enough to get started
     intro_general         General information
     intro_information     Displaying information
     intro_moving          Making moves in a chess match
     intro_playing         Playing in chess matches
     intro_settings        Setting your preferences
     intro_talking         Communicating to other users
     register              How to register on the server

  In order to read information from one of these files (or any other help
file), simply type "help file_name" using the appropriate file_name.

  If you have questions after reading a file, there are several things you can
do.  (1) Read the help file for a command you have a question about; your
answer might be there.  Also, help files usually suggest related files you may
want to read ("See Also").  (2) Contact users, especially administrators of
the server (known as "admins"); they are very helpful.  Users on channel 1 are
also a great help (see the "chan_1" help file).  in order to learn how to
communicate, type "help intro_talking".  Registration on this server is by
email; type "help register" to learn the procedure.

  Your suggestions about the introductory files (and help files, too) are
welcome.  Feel free to "message helpfiles" with your comments.

See Also:  adm_info  chan_1  help  intro_general  intro_talking  next 

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