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Usage: +|-|= idlenotify [user]

  The variations of the 'idlenotify' command are:

    +idlenotify user     Add "user" to idlenotify list
    -idlenotify user     Remove "user" from idlenotify list
    =idlenotify          Display your idlenotify list

  If a user is on your idlenotify list, you will be notified when that user
unidles by sending a command to the server.  For example, if foxbat is on your
'idlenotify' list and he issues a regular command to the server, you will see
this message:
    "foxbat has unidled."
If foxbat logs out, you will see this message:
    "foxbat, whom you were idlenotifying, has departed."

  Also, if you use the "summon" command, the user is automatically placed on
your idlenotify list.

  This list is *not* a permanent list!  When a user unidles, he/she is removed
from your idlenotify list.  If there are users you want to keep track of
often, consider using an alias (see "help alias").


(a) You can use the "finger", "who" (verbose style) and "znotify" commands to
see idle times for users.

(b) If you want to have a "busy" string set, see "help busy".

See Also:  addlist  alias  busy  finger  sublist  summon  who  znotify

[Last modified: July 25, 1997 -- Friar]

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