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Usage: set highlight [0-15]

Highlight is one of the variables you can change with the "set" command. When
highlight is non-zero and you receive a personal tell, the sender's handle
will be displayed in a different style thus making the tell more obvious on
your screen. Other information, such as your location in a ranking list or
who list, will also be displayed in a different style thus making your
location easier to find.


There are 15 possible styles. However, the way they appear on your screen,
such as a VT100 terminal, will depend on many factors. Try them out to see
which style works best for you. Some interfaces will work best only with
highlight off. "Set highlight 0" turns the highlight to neutral (off). Here
is the general meaning of highlight styles 0-7:

 o 0   no highlighting

 o 1   inverse video

 o 2   boldface

 o 3   1 and 2 combined (inverse video and boldface)

 o 4   underline

 o 5   1 and 4 combined (inverse video and underline)

 o 6   2 and 4 combined (boldface and underline)

 o 7   1 and 2 and 4 combined (inverse video, boldface and underline)

Highlights 8-15 have much more variable effects depending on your terminal.


rank set tell v_highlight variables who


Created: 9 February 1997 Friar
Last Modified: 28 February 2008 mhill

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