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Usage: help [topic]

  Prints information on the given topic.  For example, type "help match" will
display the "match" helpfile.  If topic is omitted, then "help" will provide
instructions for displaying several, useful help files.  Also, typing "help
commands" will list all commands, typing "info" will list the help files for
non-commands, and typing "index" will display the general categories of help

  When you request information about a command, the help file will describe
the format for the command ("Usage").  Words in square brackets [] designate
optional variables; including them affects the way your command will be

  Some help files are longer than one screen.  To continue reading the file,
type "next" (or its alias "more").

  If you need help while on the server, use channel 1 to contact people who
can help you (see chan_1 help file).

Special notes:

(a) The standard system alias for "help" is "?".  Typing "?" alone will give a
basic help screen.  Typing "? helpfile_name" will work the same as 
"help helpfile_name".

See Also:  chan_1  index  intro_information  intro_welcome  next

[Last modified: August 18, 1996 -- Friar]

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